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Introducing a New Website

Summer is fast approaching. It's my favorite season of the year. It's warm and sunny, and the season always creates great memories for me to cherish for years to come.

It was time to update my original website (this time using Wix) to replace the original website I created in 2010 for my consulting practice.

As I look back over the past eight years, I feel fortunate to have the experiences I have had and to have enjoyed all the consulting work projects with so many great clients over the years, some lasting several years starting from the beginning.

I am proud of my award-winning work for my consulting clients and for all the great results they have enjoyed using the marketing strategy, branding counsel, and wide assortment of assets (white papers, press releases, use cases, videos, blogs, and more) I developed for them. This allowed them to make more connections with their target audiences, which led to many positive results including more traction with current customers, the addition of new customers, and increased sales revenues.

If your company needs elevate your marketing or wants to turn up the heat on the competition, let's talk.

Happy summer 2018!

Janice Cain, MBA provides Marketing, Branding and Public Relations strategic counsel and deliverables for 1010 Marketing clients.

She is the recipient of prestigious Marketing and PR awards and recognition throughout her career, including the Public Relations Society of America's highest award, the Silver Anvil, nicknamed "the Oscar of the PR industry" because it is earned by less than 1% of all PR practitioners in the U.S. at any point throughout their entire career.

To learn more and to discuss how Janice can elevate your marketing and communications results to raise your company's market profile, attract more customers, and drive more sales, call 858-999-7419 or send an email to

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