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Improving clients' connection and engagement with target audiences through award-winning Sales and Marketing services since 2009

Connect with target audiences

Marketing + Communications

Today's digital transformation provides many different ways to connect with target audiences.

Success starts with a well-defined marketing and communications plan to achieve desired objectives such as:

* reaching and influencing more target customers

* increasing the amount of positive news coverage

* creating marketing assets (such as white papers, webinars, videos) to use in demand generation campaigns

* improving results of email campaigns for lead generation and lead nurture purposes

All chosen tactics should lead to greater connection with target audiences, resulting in more sales.

Positioning for Success

Brand Strategy

Effective branding, positioning, and messaging are the foundation to reach and influence target audiences.

Our award-winning experience includes developing sales and marketing collateral to help start-up companies capture attention as they enter the marketplace.

We have helped established global companies introduce a refreshed brand identity or to confirm if their value proposition still resonates with target audiences.

Establishing thought leadership is a requirement for any company wanting to be viewed as an industry leader or innovator by the media, analysts or investors. 

Support for Direct and Indirect Sales

Sales Enablement

Marketing's fundamental purpose is to identify and create connections with target customers to help sales teams generate more revenue.

We have successfully helped direct sales and indirect (channel) sales teams generate more sales through lead generation and lead nurture programs.

Support in developing and planning special events (whether focused on one company or large events for attendees from different target companies) is another service option.

Gain Market Intelligence and Insight

Market Research

Companies need market research to understand the changing competitive landscape. Such insight helps companies to understand, prepare, and respond accordingly.

Included with every Marketing Plan requested is a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis. The SWOT analysis helps our clients to understand what's working and what needs to improve to be more successful.

We also help clients to better identify target customers and partners that they should pursue with a proactive game plan.

What Clients Say About Quality and Capability


"Janice is a talented IT marketing strategist and resource well-versed in today’s high-growth technology segments, such as IoT, IT security and Cloud Computing.
A valued resource to us over the years, our Arrow team members and resellers find her a pleasure to work with and are always pleased with her high quality work and deliverables. Highly recommended!”

Jeff Lampe, Senior Director, Americas Marketing at Arrow Electronics

"Janice is an exceptional writer/ marketer/ communications expert. I have used her brain and experience over the past decade for projects ranging from marketing, communications, white papers, and simply taking research and aggregating to a POV.

From a SMB to a global enterprise, Janice has the experience and truly understands the relationship between Writing and Revenue.”

Dr. Cedric Alford, Director

Worldwide Marketing at Microsoft

"I’ve had the privilege to work Janice over the years and can say her Marketing acumen is second to none. Her ability to successfully map go-to-market activities back to revenue pull-though truly makes her stand out.”

Jasen Meece, Principal, Cybersecurity and Cloud Practice, EY

"From PR and MarCom to strategic planning, Janice is a highly skilled senior marketer. Most recently we worked together on a CRM project where she developed all the customer insight that drove a very successful campaign execution. I highly recommend her.”

David Sparks, CMO, Target Rich Solutions

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